The Balmain Watch House is available for hire as an exhibition space. Bookings are usually for one weekend.

The Watch House is located at 179 Darling St Balmain NSW

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The essence of light is the ethereal element that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, the enlightened or the enigmatic. It is also the process of imagery, the art of production that transposes the artist’s idea to the audience. The journey to find this essence is a personal one and can take a lifetime. The exhibition presents contemporary images from a group of artists as they work to unlock, explore and define their meaning of the essence of light as part of the Head On Photo Festival 2018. Official ceremony Saturday 12, 1pm for 2pm with Guest Speaker, Greg Piper please join us.

May 2018 Friday 4 10-6pm, Sat 5, Sun 6 10-5:30pm, Wed 9, Thurs 10, Fri 11 10-6pm Sat 12, Sun 13, 10-5.30

Official ceremony Saturday 12, 1pm for 2pm All welcome


Christien presents her ‘For your Eyes Only’ solo exhibition showcasing both acrylic & ink art pieces. Her aim is that her art pieces be explored & evaluated by each individual in order that there be a connection, engagement & personal assessment. Her acrylic pieces are highly structured geometrics which engage with a sense of colour, texture & movement. In contrast to the ink artworks which are colourful, fluid and have a never-ending intrigue. As Christien has lived, painted & exhibited in a number countries within the Asia Pacific region her works have been collected both domestically & internationally. Having a background in interior design, her works aim to create a sense of individuality whilst at the same time adding to the ambience of both a traditional or contemporary environment. Let your eyes be your judge as they guide you through the exhibition.  

May 2018 Saturday 19 and Sunday 20, 9.45-4.30

Opening night: Friday, 18 May – 6.30-8.30 all welcome


Travelling through France and Italy Gary and Rowena found inspiration for their painting from the walls of the buildings, where a trace of the people who lived there over the centuries are held in the fading marks they left behind. For Rowena, complex layered multi media works on paper seek to find these haunting whispers of the past, held in the patina of a wall in rooms from Pompeii to Chenonceau. Gary’s large canvas works are explorations of his encounters with the passages and walls outside, where the decay, renovation and subsequent deterioration provide, at every corner, another experience of the intricacy of human habitation. Gary’s paintings seek to encapsulate his experience of these echoes of the past through his rich exploration of texture and colour.  

May 2018 Saturday 26 10am-5pm Sunday 27 10-4pm, Friday 1 12.30-5 Saturday 2 10-5pm Sunday 3 10-4

Opening Drinks with the artists 12.30 -3pm Saturday 26 May


An exhibition of Richard Sercombe’s latest works. Landscapes, including some from recent trips to England and Northern Italy. Also, Richard continues to explore new approaches to capture the essence of floral subject matter. The exhibition will include an ex exhibition clearance sale, with reductions of 50 percent being common. Call in and enjoy a drink and some nibbles while you view this exciting exhibition.  

June Saturday 9, Sunday 10 and Monday 11 10.00 to 6pm

Opening Friday June 8 at 7:30pm, with a preview from 6pm. All Welcome.


The Architecture of Birds Birds are all around us and yet we do not speak their language or have any great understanding of their world. We invade and change their environment with so little thought or consideration, and urban development is the greatest cause of loss of habitat. Claire Armstrong, Vicki Ratcliff, Evan Armstrong and Helen Mackay are four Pittwater artists with very different styles and approaches. As artists they attempt to capture the spirit of the birds with watercolour, acrylic, oils, ink and etchings. Their images reflect their insights into the world of birds. The exhibition depicts their individual response to birds and their love affair with nature and birds. They invite you to deepen your connection with the environment of birds.  

June 2018 Saturday 16 and Sunday 17, 10-4

Opening Friday 15, 6-8.30pm by Simon Duffy, head of conservation and science Taronga Zoo.All welcome.


The 22nd annual exhibition from Balmain hART stART Studio, now in its 23rd year in Balmain. Audiences will be treated with expressive artworks, abstractions and landscapes, rich in exploration of colour and texture. This exhibition is for people who enjoy paintings in modernist styles. What has sustained this studio for 23 years in Balmain is the hART stART method which encourages mindfulness, personal growth, and a sincere friendship which grows between members. hART stART studio meets for afternoon and evening classes on Tuesdays 7a Campbell St The next FREE introductory trial class for new members will be on Tuesday 31st July at 1pm or 6.30pm. To reserve a place, phone Gary on 0410639819 or apply at www.hartstartstudio.com.au  

June Saturday 23, 10-4.30 and Sunday 24, 10-4

Drinks with the artists Sat 1-3pm All welcome


Three emerging NSW artists, Tom Fuggle, Beth Massey, and J*sh Butler present an exhibition that promises to be full of colour and variety with everything from illustration on wood to photorealistic oil painting.

June 2018 Sat 30 June and Sunday 1 July 9am-5pm

Opening: Friday 29 6.30pm All welcome.


The Sunrise Group’s exhibition showcases the images of a group of photographers from the award winning Norths Photographic Society.  The work of each photographer reflects their experience in working with light whether it’s at sunrise over the northern beaches, a pattern shot or still life.  Photography from a variety of genres showcased can include the natural, urban and abstract landscapes, seascapes, nature, wildlife, travel and portraits and even still life photography. Each image communicates the emotional response of the individual photographer to a particular subject through the creative use of light, composition, line, form, shape and texture to produce striking images.  The images are presented on archival quality photo papers and are available for purchase. Norths Photographic Society website is <http://nslps.org.au>.

July Each day from 7 to 15 July, 10am-5pm

Opening: Friday 6, 6-8.30pm All welcome.


The Sculptors Society is excited to be showing at the Balmain Watch House and we will have works in many different styles of work, and materials from bronze through to found objects, wood, marble and stone, glass, material, resin, metals, ceramics. Works in multiples as well as unique sculptures that are one of a kind, both realistic and abstract. The Sculptors society was founded in 1951 and our mission is to promote sculpture and sculptors through regular exhibitions and encouragement with forums and education as a big part in the sharing of ideas.www.sculptorssociety.com

July 2018 Saturday 21, Sunday 22 and Staurday 28 and Sunday 29, 10.30-4pm

Opening: Friday 20 5-7pm all welcome


The MoDeMa group of mosaicists are exhibiting their latest works inspired by the beauty of Nature.  Light, colour and changing seasons are captured using a variety of mosaic media. Mollie Pegler, Deb Kane and Margaret Tessarolo became firm friends through their shared love of Mosaics and combined to form the MoDeMa group. They have previously enjoyed exhibiting at the Balmain Watch House as well as earlier showings at Rozelle, Cremorne and Lindfield.

August, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5, 10-4pm

Opening: Friday 3 6-8pm All welcome


Open Studio Printmakers is a dynamic group of artists who explore the medium of printmaking. Although a long standing art form, each printmaker creates distinctive and contemporary works on paper. Lino and wood cuts, screen prints and etchings are just some of the methods you will see   and which create these exciting images. This printmaking collective enjoys maintaining its reputation by exhibiting works of quality and diversity, along with an intention to expose the wider community to this time honoured medium. The artists create artworks that reflect their original thinking, artistic integrity and diversity by using a wide range of styles and techniques, limited only by imagination. You will see a wide range of framed and unframed works exhibited and available at reasonable prices. Entry to the exhibition is free and all works are for sale.  

August, Saturday 11, Sunday 12 and Saturday 18, Sunday 19, 10am-4.30pm

Official opening: 3pm Saturday 11, All welcome


Michiyo Miwa is a Sumi-e (Japanese inkwash) painter. Her main subjects for paintings are plants and landscapes around the Blue Maintains area where she lives now. She has also created a series of works on the Birchgrove and Balmain area, where she once lived some time ago. This art form mainly consists of lines created by brush strokes. In this sense, it is closer to calligraphy than painting. Jillian Culey’s connection with weaving began nearly 20 years ago when she lived and worked on a remote island in the Pacific. After a long hiatus Jillian reconnected with weaving 8 years ago. Now working with a wide variety of natural materials, she enjoys experimenting with various techniques including, twining, ribbed construction, random weave and string making. Jillian has had the opportunity to learn from a range of master weavers both in Australia and overseas. She has exhibited her work in galleries…

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August 2018 Saturday 25, 10-4pm and Sunday 26 10-3pm

Join us for drinks and nibbles on Saturday and Sunday.


My name is Kate Nielsen, and I am a Sydney based artist who mainly works with oil paint on canvas. My two dominant subjects are ‘Landscape’ and ‘Interiors’, because of their connection to place. Painting ‘Landscape’ enables me to feel a sense of connection to the natural environment, a need which is intrinsic to human nature. I enjoy the play of light and shade, the restorative nature of water, the natural linear rhythms created by the structure of the trees, the power of the expressive use of colour and the timeless quiet of rock formations. The ‘Interior’ represents place, as it is an expression of personal values, experiences and the ‘sacred’ objects of its creator. My Interiors emanate from the personal spaces of family, friends and other places of importance to me. They reflect the spirit created by the everyday juxtaposition of objects and patterns which go into the making…

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September 2018 Saturday 22 10am - 5pm Sunday 23 10am - 3pm

Official opening: Saturday 22 at 2pm - 5pm nibbles and drinks. All welcome


This exhibition features Margaret Frederickson’s history of living, working, training and sharing life with her family, friends, valued teachers and artists. This portrait of Sydney poet Antigone Kefala, (winner of the prestigious Judith Wright award for FRAGMENTS surrounded with her precious words), is one example of her painting.  Portraiture has been a huge part of her life’s work and before retiring she was a Portrait Tutor at the prestigious Brisbane Art Institute for decades. Her love of dance, theatre, architecture travel,(another passion) are all featured here with adventures from Indonesia to Korea and beyond. Since moving to Qld in 1982 she has continued in this rich vein of travelling, sketching and painting. Share a drink with the artist and friends on opening night Friday 28th September 6 to 9pm.  

29 and 30 September 2018 & Monday 1st October 10 a.m to 6 p.m.

opening Friday 6-9 All welcome